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Hoo hoo hoo, the season finale of Barry was epic. Bill Hader directed the episode, and absolutely nailed it. 👏🏻


Finished Stranger Things 4: Vol. 1 today. The first half of Vol. 1 was difficult for me to get through, but the back half returned to the form of prior seasons, with a focus on characters. Happy I stuck with it! The reveal was 🤩


In case you can’t tell, I love my kids. A lot.

Which is cool, because basically every other child makes me want to launch myself into the sun.


I also just spent 15 minutes FaceTiming with Colette. She shared her iPad screen with me to show me all of the fun design elements for her bedroom redesign. She’s got *opinions* y’all.

Design opinions are in her blood.


William and I have been in the desert without Lacey, Colette, and the pups, and its been special. We’ve BBQ’d some ribs, played video games, done lots of swimming in the pool, ordered pizza, watched Obi-Wan, and invented pool games.


Subodh from “Love on the Spectrum” is my favorite. What a joyful soul. I hope he finds love and lives forever making the world better.


I really don’t want to wake up at 6 AM for Monaco tomorrow, but I also don’t want to get spoiled for the result. Stupid round, spinning planet.


Had the opportunity to teach coworkers about origami today, and it was a blast. We made a lotus flower, a balloon, and a crane. Such a nice way to relax the mind.


May 24th is making it pretty challenging to sleep. It’s all hitting me now, and I’m just profoundly sad.

We are living in a time when preserving a made-up “individual right” to own murder machines is prioritized over preserving the literal right of autonomy of body and mind.


Shoresey is absolute perfection.


Did a little cleanup on my website today. Health data syncing is back up and running and I have updated my profile info, photo, and the site background. One of these days I’ll find time to do a full overhaul.


My AVR selection process went in a direction I didn’t expect. I’ve ordered a Pioneer Elite VSX-LX305. It has all of the features I need at the best price of all the options I considered. Excited! 🔊


My solar power system is being installed today at my home in the desert. Really excited to see the impact! Now I just need to make it through a workday with intermittent power and lots of hammering 🤣


Privacy on iPhone – Data Auction

Brilliant ad from Apple.


Of *course* Onkyo filed for bankruptcy like last week.

So… Denon? I dunno.


Okay, I think I’ve settled on the Onkyo TX-RZ50. Supports 5.1.4, has great room correction, and is supposed to have a very “un-opinionated” and true-to-source sound.

Now the issue is that its sold out everywhere… blast!


Oh, for context I am planning on a 5.1.4 setup, so I likely need a receiver with a lot of channels, Atmos support, and I’d also like room correction.


Renovation is under way at the LA house. Excited about the home theater! I have my new projector and screen, with new speakers on order. Next up is the A/V receiver. Any recommendations?