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Everyone welcome my lovely wife @cleverangel to! She's hosted on at her domain


Started working on a JSON Schema for microformats2 about a week ago. Posted the first version on GitHub tonight – – Feedback welcome!


Unfortunately, the archive page doesn't quite look right on mobile devices, yet. I'll need to consult some smarter CSS friends :)


Another addition to my website is my new "archive" page – /cc @withknown


I now have a way for people to subscribe to my website via daily email newsletter. (Thanks, Mailchimp!)


Replied to a post on :

I've been thinking along the same lines for some time! In fact, I have a feature on my website - - that uses Mailchimp's RSS to Email feature to send out daily updates to subscribers.


Well, @Hulu has been an absolutely terrible experience for watching the Oscars. I pay for no ads, but I get them. Audio gets out of sync. I get “playing this part of the video isn’t allowed” when attempting to rewind. Trash.


I’m really enjoying using Together from iOS for reading and posting on the IndieWeb:


I wish I had watched more of the films nominated for the Oscars!


I’ve successfully copied all of my Instagram content to my website, from 2010 on. One step closer.


Once I'm finished copying over individual photos, I'll complete my goal of completely extricating myself from Facebook by the end of 2018. 🎉