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Summary for October, 2009

In October, 2009, Jonathan posted 21 times.

  • 19 Status updates
  • 2 Photo albums



19 updates
has the sudden desire to smoke some meat. Might have to make that happen this week. Any suggestions? Something other than pork shoulder.
Great day. Successful garage sale in the morning. Georgia loss in the afternoon. GT win in the early evening. Finally, a massive win for the 'Canes against OU. Could it get any better? I think not!
There is now 1500 pounds of tile sitting in my car port. Awesome.
Planning my birthday trip to DC with Lacey. On the list: Four Sisters, Kavi Kabob, Cork, Poste, and several bars (including a speakeasy!)
You can't fly on one wing.
Just landed in DC to celebrate my 30th birthday. Looking forward to a weekend of fun :)
Glad to see the jackets win. Sweet revenge for the shootout in 99. This time, we come out on top in Doak! Now if we could only get our defense to not suck terribly. Can we get Tenuta back, Domers?
@ShootQ has hired our first intern, a co-op student from Georgia Tech! Especially exciting for me, as I was a GT co-op back in the day :)
Go Jackets! What a win. Georgia Tech is atop the ACC. Oh and OSU* lost today too. Great day!
I love Kauffman Tire. Lacey ran into a curb last night and popped a tire and we took it in today and they replaced it for 20 bucks as our old tire was still under warranty with them. Great service!
Our tile guy totally rules. Doing a great job! We are going to have him put some cork flooring into our sun room as soon as we can afford it!
I'm feelin pretty turnt up. Some might say I'm all the way turnt up.
Go jackets! Let's party like it's 1990!
I have to keep telling myself "Jackets in the Orange Bowl" over and over again so that I can avoid punching something. Simultaneously crushed and thrilled after an exhilarating day of football.
Our tile floor is now done! Up next: baseboards, paint, bathroom fixtures, vanity installation, and moving all our stuff back downstairs.
Home Depot is making a fortune off of me. Back with paint, fixtures, and more for the basement renovation. Trunk: full. Wallet: empty.
How about this time Frankie boy? Was it the chop blocks? I didn't think so.
woodford. double. now.
Go Jackets!