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Cabanas and cocktails


Our housekeeper is quite the organizer


A man and his pug


Saturday climbing


Special breakfast with daddy


Putting my clever little angel to bed...

... while a sick mommy gets some rest.


Feeling proud

Colette and I played a game where you write or draw as many things in a category as you can in one minute. The category was "superheroes," and she drew three. Wonder Woman, Batman, and... Daddy!


Football season is almost here!

William is ready.


Brunch date redux: boys edition


Outdoor movie night with friends


Winston is in the cone of shame


Mimosas and "pink sprite" at our brunch date!


New knife storage!

Solid walnut magnetic knife stripes.


Maiden voyage for the new whiskey glasses

Contents: Maker's Mark Cask Strength


Colette shops like a champion


Star Trek at the Bowl #SummerInLA


Reggae night at the Hollywood Bowl!

The puns write themselves — the bowl is packed! The bands are going to smoke this bowl!


Star Wars in the Park!


Watching Raiders of the Lost Ark with my boy!


Colette made me a computer for Father's Day

Pretty much the cutest thing ever.