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Summary for December, 2009

In December, 2009, Jonathan posted 6 times.

  • 6 Status updates


6 updates
Another day, another Gator arrest. I hope 'Bama spanks them. Someone needs to discipline them, and it sure isn't going to be Urban Liar.
Picked up a bottle of barbera on the way home, thanks to my sommelier @rachellacour. My first visit to the wine bar near my home. DANGEROUS.
My office has furniture in it again! Hooray! Next up: finshing the bathroom, guest room, and hallways.
Job loss falls to lowest level of recession & unemployment sees biggest drop in three+ years (http://bit.ly/8SIexG) Keep it up @barackobama!
Just booked tickets to Miami 'fo the Orange Bowl. ACC champs!!!
Yeah! Go Canes!!!