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Summary for August, 2015

In August, 2015, Jonathan posted 47 times.

  • 15 Photo albums
  • 12 Bookmarked pages
  • 2 Locations
  • 9 Status updates
  • 3 Posts
  • 1 RSVP
  • 2 Recipes
  • 3 Reviews








9 updates
Having a lot of fun using @withknown as the CMS for a new personal site, hosted on @DreamHost #DreamCompute. Check out http://withknown.com
Here's a fun script that let's you auto lock your Mac whenever you unplug your iPhone. https://gist.github.com/cleverdevil/76977d4ca6b575b298f8
Mid-year performance reviews! That time of year where you have to remember a six month period all at once. Joy! #forgetful
Sweet! I'm now cross-posting my Instagram photos in real-time to my @withknown site using http://ownyourgram.com. Hooray open web!
It's National S'mores Day! Time to bust out the fire pit.
Installed the iOS 9.0 beta. Pretty impressed! This is what iOS 7 should have been.
I created a plugin for @withknown for posting recipes. https://github.com/cleverdevil/Known-Recipes
Any #IndieWeb developers working on POSSE for Goodreads via their API? Would love a @withknown plugin for writing and editing reviews.
I created a "review" plugin for @withknown https://github.com/cleverdevil/Known-Reviews – check it out!


12 likes, reposts, and bookmarks