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Summary for June, 2017

In June, 2017, Jonathan posted 311 times.

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71 updates
First, the world will laugh at us. Then, the world will be angry with us. Finally, the world will pass us.
It was very fun to hear @manton and @brentsimmons on The Talk Show with @gruber. The open web is still alive!
Watching SpaceX CRS-11 launch live with my little boy. The wonder of space!
Watching a Falcon 9 landing never gets old. So cool 😁
Apple's focus on privacy and the user are precisely why Safari is my browser of choice.
I love USB-C and Thunderbolt 3, but its massively frustrating that there are zero good Thunderbolt 3 docks on the market.
My ideal TB3 dock: attractive, long USB-C cable, single USB-A port, DisplayPort or MDP, and USB-C passthrough. $49.
@esouthard totally fair! I'd happily pay $79, or even $99. The only good ones I see are going for north of $250!
I'll be at @WCEurope next week. If you're in Paris, and want to meet up, let me know! #WordPress #IndieWeb
Hey, @jsonfeed – https://sixcolors.com/post/2017/06/apple-makes-major-podcast-updates/
Headed to Hermosa Comedy and Magic Club tonight! One of my favorite South Bay pastimes. 😙👌🏻🍾
Finally watched @hasanminhaj's Netflix special. Blown away. 👏🏻 #MrP #Calc
Headed to SFO today for #mtpcon. Looking forward to interacting with other product people. 💥
Line a mile long at @Delta Sky Priority check in at LAX. Only two open stations. Not a great look, @Delta.
Cursed travel day: * Scheduled Lyft driver bailed on me. * Check in line is swamped with only two agents working. * Hotel canceled my reservation by mistake. * My luggage broke. * My flight is delayed by over an hour, making me late to my event. Yikes!
On the plus side: * I ordered a new bag on Amazon and it arrives at my hotel tomorrow. * I'm looking pretty dashing today. 🤣
I've owned several iPads over the years, but now they're mostly used by the kids. iOS and the iPad form factor never clicked for me for every day work. However, the 10.5 inch iPad Pro has my interest piqued, especially with iOS 11's enhancements for productivity.
@darchmare same here. Its tough to justify $1,000+ second computer, when my MacBook Pro is so good.
Really enjoying the leadership day at #mtpcon. Good content. Experienced and honest panelists who are willing to share their experiences.
Excited to listen to @clevergirl at #mtpcon! That's coming from a clever guy like me ;)
The final talk at #mtpcon centers on wheat farming industry. Oh, and it would make @BeardOps cry. Tractors becoming iPhones!
Headed to SFO for my flight to Paris. @WordPress #wceu. ✈️🗽🥐
I've been thinking about how to properly @-mention people on my Known website as well. I very much like your approach! This is another feature I'd like to work on for Known to enable better, and more trackable interactions. Thanks for writing it up.
Very much enjoyed #mtpcon. My favorite moment was getting to pick @mgiudice's brain at the after party. Thank you!
Bonjour, Paris! 🥐
My cab driver: "Are you American?" Me: "Oui." Driver: "Your President is stupid!" Me: "Oui."
Last day at #WCEU! Come to the @DreamHost booth and say hello 👋🏼
@kraft Yes please! I've wanted core IndieWeb support in @WordPress for years. Are you at #WCEU?
@photomatt thanks for answering my q today! Agree that UX is king. Standards only part of the picture. ✊🏻
So far today, I've walked 10.1 miles. Over 20,000 steps. Still a few hours to go!
@beardops I've been showing @elle_sol around on her first international trip!
Oh, nothing, just drinking hobo wine with @elle_sol in Paris by the Eiffel Tower.
Off to CDG for my long flight home to sunny LA. Au revoir, Paris! 🥐✈️🌞
@www.altplatform.org/author/ricmac/ exciting, feel free to reach out if you need any guidance. We're a happy and friendly bunch in the IndieWeb IRC/Slack channels, too. Thanks as well for the mention of my website :)
Home safely in LA! Just landed.
But, the cast! What could possibly go wrong? (Remembers Portman, McGregor, Neeson, Jackson... sobs uncontrollably).
@Kraft great to have you involved! It was good to hear @photomatt's views at WCEU. I think WP can and should lead by example in IndieWeb. But, it's going to take movement in core and Jetpack!
Pondering many lessons learned after 8 days of travel and two conferences. Lately, I'm as interested in building companies as I am in building products.
Also pondering how to best present @-mentions across the IndieWeb and how they should be represented in Micro.blog. Curious to hear your thoughts, @Manton. Thinking my extensions to JSON Feed may be useful, here...
Off to PDX for IndieWeb Summit 2017! Looking forward to building on the open web. ✊🏻🎉
My Lyft driver has been playing nothing but Tears for Fears. 👏🏻 #BigTipComing
I have arrived at Mozilla Portland for the 2017 IndieWeb Summit. Huzzah!
Introductions to all of the wonderful global organizers for @IndieWebCamp followed by a CoC review! 👏🏻 #IWS2017
Micro.blog is getting a lot of love in @t's keynote at #IWS2017 for launching #IndieWeb native.
Now, @Kraft gets a nice mention in @t's #IWS2017 keynote for jumping into the community. Welcome 🌈
Now, WebRing gets a shoutout in an #IWS2017 keynote! Thanks, @liewegas! #DreamHostHistory
Now @anomalily is sharing how she uses @WordPress as a great way to be a part of the #IndieWeb @IWS2017.
Interesting insights from @anomalily re: being a "Generation 2" #IndieWeb participant. How can we Gen 1'ers enable her?
"Code is liability. Focus on results." #IWS2017
There are so many stunningly interesting and talented people here at #IWS2017. Doing such cool things!
TIL there's an #IndieWeb Wapuu! https://github.com/pfefferle/indie-wapuu
@werd.io/profile/benwerd yeah, it is really pretty amazing, isn't it!
Y'all, we're gonna build an #IndieWeb WebRing. #YOLO
Used @Ipstenu's "Bury Your Queers" Alexa Skill as an example of amazing #IndieWeb tech in this #IWS2017 session!
OMG, I ❤️ PDX.
There are hundreds of naked people riding their bikes down 3rd while I wait for food from a food truck. #PDX
Excited for day two of #IWS2017! Starting off by helping attendees get started with @WordPress and #IndieWeb.
Success! Just added Micropub Media Endpoint support for @WithKnown! #IWS2017 #HackDay 🎉
I had an amazing time at #IWS2017. Excited for the future of the open web! #IndieWeb
So, I have set up a website for my BBQ grill/smoker. Still in progress. https://🐷🔥.ws
Okay, one more. http://💡😈.ws
My little girl had her two front baby teeth removed today! Adorable. #LaughingGas
Looks like the Echo Show isn't what I had hoped. Shame! Now, I await reviews of HomePod. https://twitter.com/marcoarment/status/880096374855012352
Giving PostrChild a try – http://postrchildbot.tpxl.io – Thanks https://grant.codes
Richard, it's early, but at last weekend's IndieWeb Summit in Portland, a small group of us started tinkering on what we hope could be the Timeline of the Open Web. At this point, it's wireframing and prototyping, but check it out! We call it "together" and you can find more information on it on the IndieWeb wiki - https://indieweb.org/together - and on GitHub - https://github.com/cleverdevil/together/ I believe that the what users will want isn't a traditional feed reader, but something more akin to the Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter timeline experience, but without nasty algorithms, ads, or surveillance capitalism.
Two ideas. 1. metaverse is going to be awesome. 2. Stranger Things app. https://twitter.com/madewithARKit/status/880815805281300480
https://giphy.com/gifs/cat-lol-idea-3o7bua2pl98HQSIbn2 #DescribeYourCreativeProcessWithAGif
LOL. GFY, Trumpy. https://twitter.com/jimsciutto/status/880907850331107329


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