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Summary for September, 2017

In September, 2017, Jonathan posted 289 times.

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84 updates
Just installed my HDHomeRun, indoor antenna, and set up @Plex Live TV and DVR. Time to start investigating cutting the cord!
Oh, college football, how I love you. https://twitter.com/DavidHaleESPN/status/904034383019028480
I knew my ‘Canes had great receivers, and now, out of nowhere, Langham is EATING. 🥄🍲
Ahmmon, Cager, Berrios, Harley, Langham, Thomas, Njoku, Mullins... not to mention Herndon and Irvin. 🙌🏻🏈
Today in, “that’s so Miami” history, I give you THE CHAIN: https://twitter.com/CanesFootball/status/904062683892375552
Paul Johnson should give our leading rusher a slide rule to carry around. 🐝🏈 #beeeeeeees
GIVE HIM THE CHAIN https://twitter.com/CanesFootball/status/904068561261428737
It gives me so much joy to know that the only bright spot the Gators have is their d-coordinator, who is a Cane. 😎
Gotta feel bad for Francois. Wish him the best.
Woof. https://twitter.com/DavidHaleESPN/status/904380572071587843
Until that fumble, I’ve been feeling pretty good about the game! Benson runs like a wild boar. Marshall looks decent so far.
Watching our offense grind out obscenely long, time sucking, defense exhausting scoring drives gives me great pleasure.
Now, let’s close strong. https://twitter.com/GeorgiaTechFB/status/904888161637212161
This drive is everything. Tee up another successful grind-it-out touchdown drive, please. 🐝
Told ya that drive was everything. Huge problem not getting points there.
Is it just me or do all Tennessee fans look like they could be featured on a bottle of syrup?
This is a pretty good summary of what it’s like to be a Tech fan.
Well, that sucked.
The thing is, I knew we were going to blow it. It was totally foreseeable.
Could they build a robot place kicker for us? https://twitter.com/GeorgiaTech/status/905118582094184448
My primary lesson from the cord cutting experiment so far: if you want to watch Law & Order any time of day, you probably can.
You're gross🖕🏻... seriously?! https://twitter.com/Brett_McMurphy/status/906174313975484417
I’d love to see webmention support added to @discourse so our customers could participate in the community through their own websites! https://twitter.com/smaffulli/status/906244208268156928
🐝🏈: 1. TaQuon is the best QB we’ve had in years. 2. OL is frustrating AF. 3. Special teams are GARBAGE.
I love that @WilliamLaCour refers to Mario and Luigi as Mah-we-oh and Mow-wee-gee.
Baking some peach clafoutis and watching NFL football.
Just saw George W. and Laura Bush on TV at the Cowboys game and wistfully pined for a better time. That’s where we are.
Great meetings and networking so far at #whdusa in Vegas. Come say hello to me! Let’s talk @DreamHost and the open web.
@jilljubs I love that shiz! The grapefruit is my fave. The cucumber tastes like pickle juice tho.
4K Apple TV w/ HDR is great, but I'm guessing the audio support will still suck, making it a bad choice for home theater folks. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Other issue: the Apple TV remote is utter garbage. That said, I use a good universal remote in my home theater anyway.
I wouldn't be surprised if, in Jony Ive form, the Apple TV remote is now a black rectangle w/ no visible features like the 2001 monolith.
Final Apple TV 4K thought: $179? Way too high. By nearly double.
Ready to see the iPhone X.
According to Apple's specs page for the Apple TV, it still only supports E-AC-3 (Dolby Digital Plus 7.1) at most. Lame. http://share.cleverdevil.io/cESlsOrga6.png
Save the righteous indignation re: the price of the iPhone X. For most people, their phone is the most used and important computer.
Not sure what’s going on w/ my face, here. It’s probably Ajit Pai’s fault https://twitter.com/DreamHost/status/907758849200934913
Not many people know this, but I can already unlock my iPhone using my face because I’m so handsome.
Tried signing up for @AskPlayStation Vue. Fails in activation. Support? 35 min wait, no answer. http://share.cleverdevil.io/LNVcu6JaZUYkFKEkIGVM.jpg
👋🏼 Hey, Portland! I’m on my way to see you and your lovely @DreamHost customers! #TouchedByDreamHost
I have one of these and absolutely adore it. If you cook frequently, it’s a worthwhile investment. https://twitter.com/WirecutterDeals/status/908350073058275328
Booked a straight razor shave in Portland for when I land. Support your local barber! Also: watch out, I’m gonna look sharp af tonight.
Hahah, Gators are going to be stuck with McElwain until the end of time. 🤣
Some good evaluation of cord-cutting options this weekend. I’ll have a part two blog post next week. Unexpected result!
Wow! What a TD by Todd Gurley! 🏈🐑 #leapfrog
Made some amazing Korean style chicken wings tonight for dinner. #gochujang 🐔✈️
Putting my children to bed is both one of the great joys and pains of my life.
Just watched a skunk walk down the street out front of my house, encounter a coyote, spray it, and run like hell. #ItStinks #SoCal
My cord-cutting experimentation has me longing for a good, simple, ergonomic universal remote. TiVo peanut-like, without the number pad.
The Siri Remote is garbage, the Fire TV remote is unreliable. My home theater uses a nice Logitech, but it’s overkill for the rest of house.
“Rocket Man” http://youtube.com/watch?v=fi8MI7jjpSY
@keithjgrant @manton meh... USB-C in the phone brings no benefit and additional thickness. They’re more likely to drop ALL ports.
@keithjgrant I guess? I still carry two cables either way. Marginal benefit IMO.
This is why I’m still waiting to put solar on my house. Timing isn’t quite optimal, yet! https://twitter.com/DShankar/status/910358978357547009
Awesome hire of an awesome person by an awesome company. Cheers, @jilljubs, @crucially! https://twitter.com/jilljubs/status/910597268167888896
Fun life hack: Yell "Alexa, play Careless Whisper" on Google Hangouts.
Changed up my Micro.blog feed to include more types of content, including bookmarks, likes, posts, checkins, recipes, and watch notifications. Looking good so far! 🎉
I'm interested in engaging a @Discourse developer to work on implementing #IndieWeb standards in the platform. Ping me! RTs appreciated.
Apple TV 4K reviews have confirmed my fears: in spite of being a premium product, its a poor choice if you want best audio/video quality.
Until Apple TV 4K supports native refresh rates and the latest audio formats, its not a premium product that justifies its price. Period.
On my lunch break I cancelled DirecTV. Officially "cut the cord." Full post w/ details on how I filled the gaps is coming!
@keithjgrant.com @connect_js You deserve a webmention!
The plot thickens in @DreamHost's battle with the DoJ: https://twitter.com/USProgressives/status/911323836242710534
Watching Yellow Jacket football with my son @WilliamLaCour is special! Hearing him yell To Hell With Georgia is the best! 🏈🐝
It’s the Tennessee game all over again. Crap special teams. Silly turnovers.
Frustrations aside, I adore how resilient this Yellow Jacket team is. They. Always. Bounce. Back.
Turnovers 😢
Yeesh. Not a great first half for my Canes.
Worth it.
Well, both of my 🏈 teams won big today. Time to enjoy the rest of the weekend 😎
Headed to SFO for a few days of planning with the @DreamHost senior leadership team. Looking forward to continuing strategic refinement!
Mark Walton is the best back we’ve had since D. Johnson, L. Miller, F. Gore, W. McGahee, C. Portis, E. James, M. Bratton, and O. Anderson.
In other words, get used to it. The U produces star RBs. Oh, and WRs, DLs, OLs, DBs, and even kickers. 🤣
From one Yellow Jacket to another: thank you for your courage, @freeSPIRIT_5678! ✊🏻🐝 https://twitter.com/freeSPIRIT_5678/status/911801140693659648
Welp, looks like I'm never qualifying for Delta Diamond again. 🤣
The more I read my Micro.blog timeline, the more I think @manton should add oEmbed and URL unfurling. Lots of people posting links, and the reading experience would be improved. Putting the onus on the client software isn’t going to work, IMO.
Made a quick change to my site to directly ping Micro.blog on updates. Bypasses my need for WebSub, which seems sort of flaky at the moment.
Mentally and physically exhausted after an intense few weeks. Taking @WilliamLaCour on a birthday getaway this weekend. Much needed!
Happy to have finally had a chance to write up my cord-cutting experience. Hopefully it'll help some folks out there!
My commentary on @gruber's latest post re: the Apple TV 4K – https://cleverdevil.io/2017/daring-fireball-cultural-insularity-and-apple-tv
At lunch today, @economyofspace had an Impossible Burger from @impossiblefoods at The Counter. It was amazing!
I love that @ColetteLaCour watches cooking and design/architecture shows with me during our nightly “special time.” #ProudPapa
@manton the opportunity is so clear to me! I'm hoping that a diverse group of companies who value the open web can capitalize on it! I don't want to end up in a situation where people shift from one ad-driven silo to another.
Has there ever, in history, been a better Coach/Program fit than Paul Johnson and Georgia Tech?


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