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Summary for March, 2018

In March, 2018, Jonathan posted 149 times.

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50 updates
Lacey is out with friends tonight, so I’m treating the kids to their first ever viewing of Back to the Future in the home theater. 🚗💨⏰
For the first year in a long while, I’ve only seen one of the films nominated for Best Picture. Time to step up my movie watching game!
Made some tasty keto-friendly pancakes for breakfast this morning. Ricotta, eggs, and almond meal, sweetened with some Surkin Gold. Fried up in ghee and served with butter! 🥞
Dinner tonight is sous vide New York strip steaks, bacon-wrapped pesto stuffed mushrooms, and roasted broccoli with garlic butter. 🥩🍄🥦
Well, that was one of the more delicious steaks I’ve ever prepared!
Looking good, but I think you mean Microsub, not Websub 😀
I've officially managed to copy all of my Facebook status updates and most of my photo galleries to my website. Just individual photos left to worry about.
Once I'm finished copying over individual photos, I'll complete my goal of completely extricating myself from Facebook by the end of 2018. 🎉 #OwnYourData #IndieWeb
I’ve successfully copied all of my Instagram content to my website, from 2010 on. One step closer.
I wish I had watched more of the films nominated for the Oscars!
I’m really enjoying using Together from iOS for reading and posting on the IndieWeb: https://cleverdevil.io/s/A94HmEbBLALplpcALmAc.mov
Well, @Hulu has been an absolutely terrible experience for watching the Oscars. I pay for no ads, but I get them. Audio gets out of sync. I get “playing this part of the video isn’t allowed” when attempting to rewind. Trash.
I've been thinking along the same lines for some time! In fact, I have a feature on my website - https://cleverdevil.io/pages/subscribe - that uses Mailchimp's RSS to Email feature to send out daily updates to subscribers.
I now have a way for people to subscribe to my website via daily email newsletter. (Thanks, Mailchimp!) https://cleverdevil.io/pages/subscribe
Another addition to my website is my new "archive" page – https://cleverdevil.io/archive /cc @withknown
Unfortunately, the archive page doesn't quite look right on mobile devices, yet. I'll need to consult some smarter CSS friends :)
Started working on a JSON Schema for microformats2 about a week ago. Posted the first version on GitHub tonight – https://github.com/cleverdevil/microformats2 – Feedback welcome! #indieweb #microformats2
Everyone welcome my lovely wife @cleverangel to Micro.blog! She's hosted on Micro.blog at her domain http://cleverangel.org.
If you think Daylight Savings Time sucks, just wait until you’re a parent and DST hits. #GoTheEffToSleep
Microsub has really been the missing piece of the puzzle. I love using Together + Aperture every single day. Nice work on the spec 😀
Highly recommend the new Netflix series Ugly Delicious with David Chang. It’s an entertaining and thoughtful exploration of food, culture, and the strength of diversity. ❤️ 🥘
OMG, I am starting episode 4 of Ugly Delicious, and the open is about Galatoire’s, one of my all time favorite restaurants. French Quarter classic, LaCour family Mecca 😉
I blogged a thing about @awscloud for @reliam. Looking forward to this entire series. https://twitter.com/Reliam/status/974009854086955008
The best cheese on a burger is the brightest, most unnatural yellow American cheese you can find. Prove me wrong.
Great anecdote that is equally applicable to software! I’ve managed too many developers obsessed with producing perfectly formed diamonds. Iterate! https://twitter.com/mrconnorobrien/status/974517651178270721
San Francisco, I will be in you March 26-28. Hoping to set up some meetings. Let's talk cloud!
Savage. https://twitter.com/whitequark/status/975008990940680192
I’m prepping my MacBook Air and 2016 MacBook Pro for sale, so I can invest in an iPad Pro for personal use.
Someone needs to make a bluetooth mechanical keyboard purpose-built for the iPad, portability and quality being the focus.
Excited to be hosting the inaugural South Bay Los Angeles @awscloud User Group at the gorgeous El Camp in El Segundo tonight! The whole @Reliam crew is here. ☁️🚀
I've officially deleted my Facebook account, and it will disappear completely from Facebook within 14 days. It feels great. I hope they go down in flames.
Made an epic keto chicken curry for dinner tonight. Wowza! Delicious.
The obstacles I hear for getting off Facebook is “there is no good alternative for ,” where X is: * Private groups (school parent groups, etc.). * Event mgmt. Market opportunity will create alternatives, but only if ppl leave Facebook.
This is a ridiculously dumb take. Leaving Facebook has zero to do with privilege. People have no obligation to “help Facebook be better.” They’re a business. They’ve violated trust. Leave. https://twitter.com/susanematthews/status/976564958426292224
OMG so much this. https://twitter.com/Darchmare/status/976911600417304576
Welp, @nealstephenson’s Snow Crash continues to be prescient. Facebook is building a burbclave. I’d prefer Mr. Lee’s Greater Hong Kong, tbh. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/21/technology/facebook-zucktown-willow-village.html
While it is electron-based, I actually am really digging on Oni, an editor that embeds NeoVim into a beautiful user experience – https://www.onivim.io
I’ve been beta testing the upcoming release of @Infuse for tvOS and iOS, which integrates natively with @Plex. Finally, home theater quality audio and video playback for Apple TV 4K! Amazing. ❤️
Hey, San Francisco, I still have availability on the 26th and 28th, if anyone wants to meet up for lunch/drinks/etc.
Sold my old MacBook Air for $475, and just sent my old 2016 MacBook Pro off to Apple to get its screen replaced. It should be up for sale next week, if all goes to plan! 😀
Oh, joy, I’ve cracked the back glass on my iPhone X. #AppleCareIsMyCase
Woke @marcoarment is my favorite @marcoarment.
See you in an hour, San Francisco! 🌇
The @Delta SkyClub at SFO has Woodford Reserve Double Oaked at the bar. ❤️ Also, I wish the SkyClubs at LAX weren’t so awful in comparison :/
I finally found a mechanical keyboard suitable for @askForCharon! https://datamancer.com/product/the-sojourner-keyboard/
I find it truly obnoxious when I make an appointment with my doctor, and they just sit me in a room alone for 45 minutes before finally showing up. So disrespectful of my time.
I’m pretty sure the Frangelico lady is Miss Butterworth’s dirty older sister.
I’m selling my 2016 13” MacBook Pro - https://swappa.com/listing/view/LRDL45545


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