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Summary for July, 2019

In July, 2019, Jonathan posted 226 times.

  • 46 Locations
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31 updates
“Bow down before the Zuckerberg! You’re going to get what you deserve!” #IndieWebKaraoke
Enjoying a George T. Stagg like a boss.
See you later, Portland! It was a blast hanging out with friends old and new at the IndieWeb Summit. I’m hoping to write a recap on my flight! Thanks Delta for the upgrade 😍
My family asked if they could foster a dog for the week. I reluctantly said it was OK as long as they promised that they wouldn’t get attached. I just fired up Netflix, and guess who has a profile on our account now? #FosterDogNetflixProfiles
This is an atypically good response to a complex issue. Also – email is fundamentally, systematically broken, and innovation is happening around the edges. I'd like to see someone tackle the core issues in an open way (protocols, standards, etc.) https://twitter.com/backlon/status/1146548893846343682
What is broken about email? 1. Anyone can insert into your inbox. 2. Email clients are essentially web browsers. That's bad. Tracking / security issues abound. 3. Encryption is optional and maddeningly complex. 4. Email hosting is a oligopoly. Oh, there's more...
Ooh, July 4th earthquake! #SoCalLife
Watching Avengers: Infinity War with the kids today in preparation for Spider-Man: Far From Home on Saturday. They’ll have to catch up on Endgame with a verbal recap 😉
Going to the local drive-in theater tonight to watch Ferris Bueller's Day Off with the family. #SaveFerris 🎥🚗
After a conversation over drinks at IndieWeb Summit, I am re-reading Y: The Last Man, and have realized that I never finished the entire series the first time around. Such a great graphic novel! /cc @atmlutter
Changed my “following” page today to make it more useful for the average person. Now, when you tap/click on one of my subscription links, you get a rich preview of the feed. https://cleverdevil.io/following
Spider-Man: Far From Home was delightful. My favorite comic book hero from my youth is *finally* getting treatment that he deserves. Gyllenhaal was excellent as Mysterio, and the mid- and post-credit scenes make me excited for the next phase of the MCU.
I’d also like to heap some praise on Tom Holland, who absolutely nails the spirit of Peter Parker. He’s now the canonical Parker in my head-canon, and that’s saying a lot!
The words “war on men” were uttered at my barbershop today, and my eyes nearly rolled out of my head. #NoSuchThing
Having a relaxing dinner with my family at a local bar, watching the USMNT, before I head to the east coast for the week for work. Soaking up the joy.
Stranger Things season three was fantastic, as I expected. A step back up from season two!
Congrats to Grant on Together v3! We’ve moved out of my GitHub namespace into a new organization. When Grant and I came up with Together back at IWS a few years ago, I had no idea it would get so far, so fast. Proud to have played a small part! - https://grant.codes/2019/07/08/together
If you’re going to bring me a paper straw, just don’t bring it at all.
Dope! It’d be pretty sweet to have a site that is dynamically generated from content in Nextcloud.
If you make your dentist appointment for 2:30, you’ll never forget it. #ToothHurty #NewCrownYouDown
I’m so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. ❤️ LA.
This was such a fun project to work on. Watch the video and let me know what you think! Thanks to @awscloud for having me at the AWS Summits this year. https://twitter.com/MissionCloud/status/1151974928142491655
This is a *wicked* cool use of @awscloud Lambda. I’m tempted to build out a runner for Python’s concurrent.futures that bursts into Lambda functions. https://mobile.twitter.com/_msw_/status/1150276665651544064
Friday night Queer Eye binge. 🛋📺🥃
Time for my first Hollywood Bowl trip of the summer! Hugh Jackman live at the Bowl. ❤️🌴
I adore the Hollywood Bowl. No better setting for a summer night! 🌄
If you aren’t yet watching Savage Builds from @donttrythis, you’re missing out! This episode was an absolute blast, especially for big fans of The Fifth Element like myself. Highly recommend. - https://cleverdevil.io/2019/savage-builds-1x06-hollywoods-deadliest-weapon
Yes, *of course* our new puppy Eliza is named after a Schuyler sister, why do you ask? #Work
Very uplifting thread! Rev. Rogers and I share a common theology. Heneni. ❤️ https://twitter.com/TheRaDR/status/1153355224054149121
Finished reading Y: The Last Man last night. Great graphic novel.
Spent all weekend working in the house. The kids now have their own rooms! William’s is basically done, with Colette’s still requiring a lot of work. Then, the playroom becomes a guest room and office for yours truly (my eventual reward). 🏠🔨


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