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Summary for December, 2019

In December, 2019, Jonathan posted 147 times.

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16 updates
Why aren’t we calling the Cybertruck the Elon Camino?
Off to Las Vegas for AWS re:Invent this week. Reach out if you want to meet up for lunch or drinks!
I think its a great thing that Twitter is going down this path, but I do wish that they’d build upon prior art. I’m also fairly suspicious that this is just a convenient way to work around policing its platform, which it clearly needs to do.
Hey, @jack, I’d like to nominate @aaronpk and @t to lead @bluesky, perhaps with an assist from @benwerd. They’ve got quite the head start with the #IndieWeb! By the way, I posted this via my own website... how decentralized of me!
Coo coo, kachoo. What a masterpiece! #Watchmen
The latest price increase from @Hulu on their Live TV service has pushed it beyond the cost for traditional cable or satellite TV, with significantly inferior video and audio quality. I’m back on the market for an alternative. Suggestions?
Visiting Atlanta and I’m so happy I don’t live here anymore. Traffic here has surpassed LA, the weather isn’t nearly as good, and the politics are trash in comparison. I’m all-in on California at this point.
Seventeen years ago, I was setting up my first blog using MovableType on my Powerbook G4, and some clever Python scripts. I still have every post, right here in this site! 🎉 #OwnYourData #IndieWeb https://cleverdevil.io/2002/testing-this-out
Finished season four of The Expanse, and it was easily the best season yet. Now, the wait begins for season five!
It’s my turn for space wizards! I managed to avoid spoilers. 👾🧙‍♂️
Space Wizards: Fury Road
I made a tasty Christmas dinner! Slow-roasted standing rib roast with sage gravy, roasted asparagus with sous vide egg, and the most amazing au-gratin potatoes I’ve ever tasted. Success! #MerryChristmas #FoodieCooking 🎄🥩🥔🌲🥚
We bought William the new Pokémon game for Nintendo Switch for Christmas, and it’s the first game he’s been able to pick up and play all by himself successfully. He said, “daddy, it’s from my years of Pokémon experience.” He’s six. 😂
“Do you kids have any allergies?” “Only one. Silence. They’re allergic to silence.”
Hahahaha, I’ll always be good with Ohio State* losing in a Fiesta Bowl. Good riddance. #HateOhioState
I’m getting to spend New Years Eve with Colette in the ER. Poor little thing has to have a CT scan 😷


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