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Summary for December, 2019

In December, 2019, Jonathan posted 66 times.

  • 10 Locations
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  • 4 Status updates
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4 updates
Why aren’t we calling the Cybertruck the Elon Camino?
Off to Las Vegas for AWS re:Invent this week. Reach out if you want to meet up for lunch or drinks!
I think its a great thing that Twitter is going down this path, but I do wish that they’d build upon prior art. I’m also fairly suspicious that this is just a convenient way to work around policing its platform, which it clearly needs to do.
Hey, @jack, I’d like to nominate @aaronpk and @t to lead @bluesky, perhaps with an assist from @benwerd. They’ve got quite the head start with the #IndieWeb! By the way, I posted this via my own website... how decentralized of me!


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