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Summary for October, 2022

In October, 2022, Jonathan posted 117 times.

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  • 11 Status updates
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11 updates
Friends! I’ll be in SF tonight on business. Ping me if you want to meet for drinks or dinner.
I have never gone through the TSA body scanners and I never will unless it is legally required. Freedom Frisk™ for me every time!
Since moving my retro gaming PC off of Windows 10 to Steam Deck OS via HoloISO, it hasn’t crashed once. When on Windows 10, it was hanging 3-5 times a *day*. While I haven’t yet dailed-in all of my emulators to my liking, it seems I’ve made the right choice.
In other news, as part of my birthday celebration, I am headed to Austin in a few weeks for the F1 Grand Prix! Time to order some more Ferrari gear. 🏎️💨
Both kiddos are scheduled for their Pfizer Bivalent boosters tomorrow as part of their continuing participation in vaccine trials. Proud of them and happy for the extra protection! Hooray science!
Race week, y’all! Flying out to Austin tomorrow and I’m pretty excited. 🤠🏎️🏁
I’m setting up a Subscribe & Save for socks, and I can’t tell if I’m a genius or a failure.
Williams Racing is staying in our hotel and I’m trying not to take it personally.
Just got out of the single fartiest Lyft of all time. Smelled like baby formula toots. Wicked. 🤮
If you are flying out of Austin and one of your carry-ons isn’t four pounds of frozen brisket, you’re doing it wrong. 🐄 🔥 🤠
What a snooze-fest of a race, especially after last weekend’s absolutely thrilling GP. Worst circuit on the calendar, IMO. Too short, tons of traffic. High altitude tanks performance, too. Zzzzz. #F1