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Summary for December, 2022

In December, 2022, Jonathan posted 136 times.

  • 36 Status updates
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36 updates
Headed to the airport after a very successful week in Las Vegas for AWS re:Invent. My favorite thing to do in Vegas is to leave it 😂
Oh and a reminder that the airport in Las Vegas sucks. Only one, tiny lounge, lousy food options, and casino games everywhere.
I propose we start calling real life “the meataverse.”
Saw the first public references to the upcoming Apple TV+ adaptation of Wool by Hugh Howey, and I’m pretty excited! Apparently it’s coming in March. A fantastic book series that has huge potential as a TV series.
Loving my Steam Deck so far. Spider-Man Remastered looks great and is a blast to play. I also started Horizon: Zero Dawn, which is pretty, but definitely has occasional stutters. My 1TB microSD arrives on Monday, and will be dedicated to EmuDeck. 😎👾
Just finished watching Netflix’s “Wednesday” with the fam. Fun. Nothing special, but fun.
So, The Peripheral is a fun show, but I think it is probably too high concept to survive until it reaches a satisfying conclusion. I hope I’m wrong. Chloe Grace Moretz is fantastic.
Just gave ChatGPT the prompt “Write a short story about Jesus Christ and Santa Claus engaged in an epic battle to prove who is the true reason for the season. There should be a clear winner and the loser should be forever vanquished.” I was not disappointed in the response. Try it yourself!
Happy post-conference COVID exposure notification day to all who celebrate. #reinvent
Thank you, Georgia.
Survivor continues to prove itself as a going concern. Tonight’s penultimate episode was an absolute triumph of strategy and drama. Can’t wait to see who comes out on top.
Finally received my 1 TB microSD today and started setting up #EmuDeck on my #SteamDeck. Switch is up and running and amazing. Next up is WiiU, then PS3. Saving the true #retrogaming consoles for last.
Woo! Baker freakin’ Mayfield! 🐏🏈
My Steam Deck is lookin’ good. In addition to some awesome AAA titles (Spider-Man, Horizon, Uncharted, Cyberpunk), I have emulation dialed in from Sega Master System, NES, Genesis, SNES, Sega CD, Saturn, Dreamcast, PSP, GBA, NDS, 3DS, N64, PS1, PS2, PS3, Wii, WiiU, and even Switch. One of my favorite tech gadgets in ages. Just amazing.
My new subwoofer for the home theater died. It is under warranty and will be repaired, but it’s going to take a long time, so I used the opportunity to buy a second one. I’ll use it it’s own until the repaired one arrives, and then upgrade to dual subwoofers. Whee!
The open web is showing its resiliency and longevity. Silos inevitably fail, while protocols and standards endure. #IndieWeb #Fediverse
Well, the LaCour COVID-free life has officially come to an end, with my daughter testing positive last night. Right before Christmas. 😢
I see that we have reached “the war on hyperlinks” stage of meltdown in bird land.
My son has now tested positive for COVID as well. Both Lacey and I are still negative after PCR tests today. We are confident that we have successfully isolated the adults, and both kids are dealing with it well.
The new home theater is really starting to get dialed in. With the ALR screen in place, the image from the projector is shockingly bright, crisp, and rich. Once I get the second subwoofer in, I’ll spend some time in Dirac Live tuning the audio to perfection.
This is your regular reminder that “The Iron Giant” still doesn’t have a 4K HDR remaster, and that’s a crime. See also Coraline.
It really sucks they COVID came for our family Christmas. The kiddos haven’t seen their grandparents in ages and were so excited. My daughter tested negative twice, and we thought we were clear, but got a positive test today, nine days from exposure. My son is still positive. I’ve felt crappy today, but have tested negative twice.
Oh cool my parents landed today from Atlanta and my dad tested positive for COVID on arrival. We have a cursed Christmas, folks.
“A Very COVID Christmas™” has me stressed so I am making a pie. I have to say, as stress-vices go, pie is a pretty awesome one. Apples. Bourbon. Cinnamon. Nutmeg. Vanilla. Honey. Brown sugar. A metric ass-ton of butter. Crumble topping. 🥧 🎅 🦠
I’m also wearing a totally kickass Christmas onesie. I look like a (deeply festive) poorly stuffed sausage.
Finally getting around to watching “Derry Girls” and absolutely loving it. Everything is on point, including the soundtrack. Lovely, funny show. Watch it.
So, I have a challenge. My son (9yo) started watching the One Piece anime on Netflix and really enjoys it. He wants to watch the rest of the series. It seems that CrunchyRoll, the streaming service, is the way to get it, but they have next to zero parental controls, and the category is filled with adult content. Any suggestions? Is there an alternative that I’m not aware of?
The time for an easily self-hosted personal CMS, designed around the Fediverse and IndieWeb is now. No, I don’t mean hacking it into a legacy CMS like WordPress. It needs to be modern, and completely focused. (The CMS I use, Known, had the right idea, about 5 years too early).
I invented a new cocktail named “the clever devil.” It’s six parts bourbon mixed with the soul-crushing despair of a Christmas ruined by COVID. Served on the rocks in a coffee mug.
The Glass Onion was good fun. Definitely not the same level of excellence as Knives Out. But, it proves to me that Netflix did the right thing building around Benoit Blanc.
Spider-Man: Remastered on the Steam Deck is so good. So, so good!
Both kiddos have now tested negative. If they test negative tomorrow, after 48 hours from the first negative test, we should be good to go. Lacey and I will get PCR tests tomorrow to hopefully confirm that we have made it through without getting infected. Ready for this to be over!
New Letterkenny dropped. Merry Christmas!
The latest SteamOS update included support for the 8BitDo Ultimate Controller’s wireless dongle. I have the controller’s charging station connected to my #SteamDeck dock, and it works perfectly! Playing Steam Deck games on my home theater screen and surround sound is pure class. 👾🤓
Just busted open my big toe while playing nerf gun war with the kiddos. Didn’t notice until I sat down and there was a huge and growing pool of blood. Gross! Thankfully, a little pressure and patience stopped the bleeding, but I’m going to be living with a painful big toe for a little bit.
Watching the “Who Gets to Lose to Georgia or Ohio State” Fiesta Bowl, sponsored by VRBO.