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Summary for April, 2023

In April, 2023, Jonathan posted 84 times.

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21 updates
Baked my first ever French baguettes yesterday. I have learned two things: (1) I will never buy a grocery store baguette again. (2) I have no idea how to keep homemade baguettes fresh.
Lovingly seasoning and placing a pork shoulder on the smoker at midnight is one of life’s great pleasures. See you on the flipside, Mr. Pork Butt. We’re going to make some magic tomorrow.
It’s a Bib and Tucker night. Two fingers.
Made an incredibly tasty Brunswick Stew with leftover pulled pork from Easter weekend. Corn muffins on the side for mopping up the bowls. I can’t wait to eat some more at lunch tomorrow after it’s had some more time to develop flavor overnight 😇
Has anyone in the history of personal blogs ever wanted a “guest post” from a rando? Of course not. Why this is a common spam request I get baffles me.
Finally have a CAT6 drop to the home theater! In spite of decent speed tests, Wi-Fi just wasn’t consistent enough to avoid stuttering when streaming 4K Blu-Rays from my Synology. Now? Like butter! Even on my Zidoo Z9X. 🔥
At my first ever cheer competition with my daughter. Quite an experience. The musical theme appears to be “music you hate, seizure edition.”
Okay that episode of Ted Lasso was pitch perfect. Top five in the series. So good!
In other news, in spite of many cringeworthy moments, I think this season of The Mandalorian stuck the landing. The last two episodes were great fun, and largely redeemed the “muppets in space” vibe of earlier episodes.
Watched Quantumania tonight. It was fun and visually stunning, but pretty mediocre. The MCU is struggling post Infinity Saga to find its footing. I am looking forward to The Marvels, another season of Loki, and the Fantastic Four and the X-Men finally getting the MCU treatment.
At lunch with three twelve year old girls send help.
As far as I can tell, the time of the home theater universal remote is over. The good news is that all of my devices are network connected. My plan is to use a Flirc device to transform a nice, ergonomic remote into my perfect remote. Considering a TiVo peanut 😇
Stomach flu sucks. 🤒
Haven’t been able to keep down food or drink for two days and there is no end in sight. I guess I’m at least dropping a few pounds? 😐
I ate a bowl of rice and a cup of jello 30 minutes ago and haven’t yet had an… incident. Things are looking up for ya boi. I hope. 🤞🏼🙏🏼🍀
Today did not unfold as I had hoped. Health has gone backwards. So over this. 🤒
Finally, a good moment for Ferrari. Let’s make it a weekend trend! #F1
Sometimes I ask myself how the Detroit Lions can be so consistently disappointing, and then I watch literally any decision they make and it all becomes clear. So many picks in the first two rounds, and they’ve squandered them all.
Max Verstappen is such a whiner. The only driver that does more complaining is Alonso, but for some reason I find his showboating endearing. Max is insufferable.
My wife got us tickets to see an early release of the Ted Lasso finale live with the cast, writers, and producers. Celebration and Q&A to follow. Very excited! ⚽️👨🏻
After all the talk of eReaders on @atpfm@mastodon.social and my trouble sleeping lately, I ordered myself a Kobo Libra 2 on the recommendation of @jsnell@zeppelin.flights. I also ordered one of the first party cases. So far I’m loving it. I couldn’t get any of the Calibre integrations working, so I’m just downloading ePub files from my Calibre server using the web browser, but it works well enough.