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Changing Education Paradigms

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This year, my daughter made the move from preschool to school, and the transition was quite difficult for her. We initially enrolled her in a "transitional kindergarten" program at a very high quality private school in the neighborhood. Things went well at first, but after a month or two, Colette began to show signs of distress. She wasn't her normal, bubbly self. She didn't want to go to school in the morning, and would put up a fight to avoid it. She was sad, and it was absolutely heartbreaking. What was going on with our little girl?

My lovely wife Lacey is a former teacher, and has a strong background in education and early childhood development. She introduced me to a different perspective on education, especially for young children. As a result of that process, we pulled Colette from her school, and began searching for a school with a much more progressive outlook on education. As an energetic, creative, and smart little girl, Colette needed more than what her school was offering her. She needed a school that would prepare her not for a world in the midst of the industrial revolution, but for a rapidly changing world that requires innovative thinking, collaboration, and problem solving skills.

After much searching, Lacey found The Knowing Garden Community School, which is only a mile from our home. Colette is now enrolled, and is enjoying every moment of her time. Why? Because TKG has taken a revolutionary approach to education. When we first visited TKG, they shared this fantastic video of a TED talk given by Sir Ken Robinson about Changing Paradigms for Education.

I'm so thrilled that we've found such a wonderful community to be a part of, and am confident that with their support, our children will grow into lifelong learners ready for the rapidly changing and modern world.