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Other Review: Things 3 Matches Form and Function

5 out of 5 stars

Between work, family, and life, I've got a lot on my plate. When it comes to appointments and obligations, I live and die by my calendar. But, for years, I've struggled to manage my tasks in an effective manner. I've tried relying on my calendar applications, online services like Trello, and native task management apps, but none has really fit my brain perfectly. Earlier in the week, Cultured Code released an all new update to their Things task management application for iOS, macOS, and watchOS. After watching the quick introduction video on their website, my interest was piqued, and I took the plunge, buying the iOS app, and downloading the free trial for macOS.

After spending a few days with Things, I can safely say I've finally found the task management solution for me. Things combines an attractive, modern user experience, transparent cloud sync across devices, with just the right mix of power and simplicity. Things gives you the ability to organize your life into "areas," such as "Work" and "Home," and then to create "Projects," like "Renovation," or "Market Report." Once segmented out into these components, you can create tasks, assign them tags and deadlines, and add notes.

On iOS, Things takes full advantage of the touch screen, providing delightful interactions for most tasks, my favorite of which is the "Magic Plus," which you can drag to quickly toss items into your Inbox, create new projects, and more. In addition, the design feels right at home on iOS 10, even including a smart feature that enables the creation of new tasks in your Inbox through Siri.

Things also integrates beautifully with the native calendars on your Mac and iPhone, providing a "Today" view, which shows your tasks for the day integrated with scheduled appointments from your calendar. There's also an "Upcoming" view, which shows your tasks and calendar events integrated together in daily, weekly, and monthly views.

Things 3 is an excellent application suite, and I highly recommend it to design-minded people with busy lives.