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Mac Pro: Fooled You! – Monday Note

Great post from Jean-Louise Gassée, former Apple and Be executive, on some of the major announcements coming out of WWDC. On a whole, I agree with him that this WWDC was, on the whole, an enormous success for Apple, and a sign that they’re pointed in the right direction. That said, I also genuinely appreciate his understanding about Apple’s tragic misstep with the $999 stand for their new display:

... good marketing deals with emotions and impressions, not mere reason. The $999 stand was widely mocked in the media, Apple was labeled as greedy and tone-deaf — the latter definitely deserved. Why mar what turned out to one of the best WWDC keynotes in memory with such a brain flatulence? Why attract so much ink to a mere display stand, to the detriment of more substantial announcements?

Great Product Marketing includes the dark art of pricing and Apple, still one of the best Product Marketers in the world, can make mistakes.