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Peace and love

Love this piece from Ben WerdmΓΌllerΒ in the wake of the horrible atrocities in New Zealand. Of late, world events have been absolutely overwhelming, and I, too, am trying my best to support others and promote empathy and humanity. Ben says:

... I'm a person, here to stand in partnership with every other person, regardless of belief or origin. We're all interconnected; we're all interdependent. Even if one were to be a fundamentally selfish person, that connectedness would suggest that helping others, and lifting everybody's quality of life, would be the correct thing to do. It's in all of our interests to work towards peace, inclusion, equality, and kindness. Yet that's not where we're at as a species.

These small, scared people will not win. The sadness will not win.

I'm all in. The sadness willΒ notΒ win. Its up to all of us.