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Listened to Apple announces iPhone 12, MagSafe charger, HomePod mini

Stories from this week: Apple’s iPhone 12 event: the 7 biggest announcements Apple announces iPhone 12 with OLED screen and 5G speeds iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max announced with larger displays, updated design, and 5G Apple announces iPhone 12 mini, the ‘smallest and lightest 5G phone in the world’ Apple’s new iPhone 12 line-up comes with a ceramic-hardened display Apple’s new iPhones won’t ship with earbuds or wall chargers Apple cuts EarPods and iPhone charger prices by $10 after it stops bundling them Apple’s iPhone 12 can wirelessly charge twice as fast, but only with a MagSafe charger Apple’s revived MagSafe charging standard opens the door for a portless iPhone The iPhone 12 Pro Max could be Apple’s biggest camera jump in years Breaking down Apple’s three new iPhone 12 camera systems Here’s how you’ll know when you’re on Verizon’s fast or slow 5G on an iPhone 12 The iPhone 12’s mysterious groove is a 5G mmWave antenna window — and it’s exclusive to the US Apple’s iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini…

By The Vergecast